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and I'm here to help you lovingly bridge that gap.  With the tools and techniques I equip you with, you'll discover your own compass + your own decision making authority that will propel to you take the next right step for you.  You'll learn to close the gap in a way that feels in total alignment with what's true for you.

I can see




Meet Cynthia.

Hello there! 

I'm a mom, a wife, a visionary, a soul-driven entrepreneur, a calligrapher, a passionate advocate of growth, and a very happy soul on a mission. 


I grew up as a second generation Asian American to two fiercely hardworking parents.  They worked hard all their lives, saved incrementally, made smart investments, and through their tenacity, dedication, and a stroke of luck, they achieved their American Dream.    

They instilled in me a work ethic so bold that it propelled me into the work hard + play hard culture that is very much still prominent today.  Don't get me wrong, that culture can be extremely beneficial and enticing.  

I was well on my way to living the life I had envisioned for myself - I went to college, got my degree, landed a middle class paying job at a large corporation where I climbed the ladder quickly.  I sold my art on the side, got married, bought a house, and was saving incrementally like the "responsible adult" I was. 


I was stoked to have money in my 401k, enough money for annual vacays, and spent my days looking forward to the weekend.​  You know, the typical "good on paper/Instagram" kind of success. 

Little did I know, the moment my son was born

my life's plan BLEW UP.


His very existence threw me for a loop. The love I felt for this little human was all consuming. He made me treasure the most mundane of moments in life like I never have before. Seeing his first smile, hearing his first laugh, feeling his tiny hand clasp around my finger - I was forever changed.  My heart desperately wanted time to slow down.

Suddenly, I couldn't bear the thought of working for 8 hours, commuting for 3 in the delightful LA traffic, and only be home with him for 4 of his waking hours. How much of his milestone moments was I going to miss? Is it worth leaving him for a job where I have no sense of fulfillment or purpose? How can I continue to live my life as though my life plan was perfect, when it was missing the most important parts - my heart and soul?

What ignited in me was the transformation my soul had been calling for.

It was then I knew I had to do something dramatically different. I started my own personal transformation process. I began to awaken to the lies I told myself about how to "make it" in this world. I began to question all of the beliefs I had about myself, about money, about how to be successful, about what success even looked like to me.

Is it worth it to work hard every day for the rest of my life until I could retire and then reap the benefits? Or is there another iteration or another possibility for me? Is it possible to live a life where I could make a positive impact in the world, make a thriving income doing what lights me up, and still be present for my children?




Today, I guide conscious leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries

to powerfully move through fear,

up-level their mindset and

intentionally claim

their highest potential

one inspired action at at time.


My big dream is simple: to create a life I love, doing what I love, and being with the ones I love.

Today I get to do this by guiding soul-fueled entrepreneurs like you home to your truest calling. I do this by having powerful conversations, where our authentic selves meet and connect on a deep soul level, so that we can up level one another and share in this sacred journey home. I help you unearth the version of you you've always known existed deep within - by connecting you to your intuition, connect to a fierce sense of self worth, and help you understand that: 










These are the values I hope to instill in you, to the generation before me, the generation after me, and the generations to come. This is what creates a movement. This is what creates a ripple effect that will transform the lives of the collective. This is what the world is needing more of. And I am simply one of the messengers of this Truth.

I am here to awaken people's souls so that they can shed their conditioning, break through their limitations, heal from their traumas and BE the best versions of themselves - because can you imagine a world where THAT was our driving and unifying factor?

Can you imagine a world where everyone truly loved themselves so much that they strived to be the highest expression of themselves?  Can you imagine a world where radical self responsibility and PURPOSE is more valued than money and fame?


Something tells me you can envision it too.  

So let's talk, ignite, and make some waves in the world.  

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