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to get out of your own way?

Are you ready


align + activate

This is for you if
You're done feeling stuck and unfulfilled in your career or business
You're ready for clear, actionable steps to move you towards your big vision 
You are tired of feeling indecisive, overwhelmed, and uncertain about which path to take to get you closer to living your dream
You want to accelerate your growth so you can be an active participant in your healing and actually see the results.



In this power session
You'll experience absolute transformation in just 90 minutes. This session is specifically designed to
catapult you forward towards your big vision
even if you're not quite sure what that is. If you're feeling stuck and overwhelmed with options, uncertain about what your next steps are - don't worry! Together, we'll get clear on all of that.
Whether you have situational, environmental, or emotional challenges, we'll both identify and                   the root cause of the issues.
At the end of the call, we'll do an intuitively guided meditation to rewire the issue at a subconscious level. You'll receive a downloadable audio version of this so you can listen over and over.  
We'll get clear on your current reality, your big vision, and create a roadmap to overcome any blocks.
It's time to
take action with unshakable confidence
and align with your highest potential.
You'll leave with
Confidence in knowing exactly what steps to take next
Tools to remove the blocks we uncovered
Ways and resources to keep your growth sustainable
A clear and dependable way to make decisions that are in alignment with your highest good  
This session is designed to leave you feeling
aligned and unstoppable!
What you'll receive


minute deep dive session 


affirmation cards 

fully custom + handmade

PDF roadmap that outlines your next steps and fully customized resources 

Recording of our sacred convo so you can revisit your new strategies and insights whenever you want

Custom guided meditation audio track from the call

energetic exchange:



affirmation cards?

YES! You'll get 10 fully personalized affirmations that are channeled & handmade
 especially for you
Affirmations are a pivotal part of the growth process. After we break down the limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that are keeping you stuck, affirmations are the one of ways you'll consciously instill a more empowering belief - one that aligns with your highest potential. 
The affirmations are divinely channeled after our call. I meditate connecting with your energy + big vision and deliver the most integral messages that are for your highest good.
These will serve as physical reminders of your breakthroughs and are meant to lovingly hold you accountable to follow through on your dream. 
I encourage you to put them somewhere sacred and visible in your space so that you can be reminded of your innate wisdom and infinite power.
If you're ready to
Move through your fear with conviction and clarity
Make massive shifts by taking aligned action daily
Intentionally manifest your dream life
Then the align + activate power session is perfect for you! You don't have to figure it all out on your own.
I created this session because this is what I needed when I was in your shoes.  I needed someone to listen to the millions of ideas + thoughts running in my head and clarify them for me so I could move forward - not stay stuck on confusion island! 
The quantum shift you'll experience after this session might be all you need to springboard you into your wildest dreams.



These calls are not one-size-fits-all. They are tailored to meet you exactly where you're at, to serve you in this season in your life. I pull from a multitude of modalities and teachings, but the four main pillars of my work are rooted in neuroscience, holistic psychology, inner child healing, and Human Design.


I firmly believe we were all born to thrive and live in alignment with our unique natural flow of energy, and these are some of the tools that help energetically create that shift.


The brain plays such a big role in how we function and manifest.


Recent studies show that our brains are neuroplastic, meaning they have the biological ability to form new beliefs and new connections.


This means we literally have the POWER TO REWIRE OUR BRAINS to better support the life we desire to create!

My work is based on this fact and my goal is to empower you to embrace it too!


Humans are creatures of habit. We are wired to stay in our comfort zones for safety.


It's important for us to understand that we were wired to survive and that 95% of our actions happen at a subconscious level, so in order to create long-lasting change, we will have to rewrite the belief at the subconscious level.


In our session, I will teach you how to powerfully move you from fear to action by understanding how your brain functions. 

Inner Child Healing

Many of us walk around with wounds from our past that we never had the tools to process or heal from.


These memories and experiences (good or bad) often dictate how we show up in our adult life. In order to manifest the life of our dreams, we must honor our pasts and reclaim our stories so that we can write our powerful futures.

Our session is a safe and sacred space where we will explore if something from your past is blocking your abundant future. In my experience, even just talking about it can be incredibly healing.

Human Design

Human Design is a self-awareness tool that serves as a blueprint for how we can live in true alignment with our purpose in this lifetime.


It's a modality that has led me to unearthing my true passion, has given me permission to live as my most authentic self, and ultimately has helped me live in alignment with my mind, body, and soul.


I weave my learnings of it into my guidance sessions but you don't have to know anything about it ahead of time to book. However, if you are curious, you can find your chart for free here.

Since working with Cynthia, I have experienced breakthroughs in ways I never have before. She is a true healer who empowers me to heal myself. I can honestly say working with her has accelerated my healing trajectory tenfold and every session is massively powerful. Her ability to listen with full compassion and guide me home to myself is truly incredible. 
Tiffany L.
One conversation with Cynthia and I left feeling empowered to live life completely differently. Ever since our call, I consciously choose to make decisions in a way that is in integrity with me and my biggest dreams. Our call was the catalyst to a series of breakthroughs and looking back now, I can honestly say I am a totally different person. I'm more confident, more trusting of myself, and best of all, more ME. 
Akiko H.
Client love

no problem!


This connection call is truly no strings attached. It's two souls meeting to talk about what's current and what's possible. We'll align with your big vision and get clear on what would best serve you in the season you're in. If none of my offerings suit you, no problem.  I'll be sure to connect you with some resources that will.

Your clarity is my main priority.    

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